Do you want to turn your Dreams Into Reality?

 Are you ready to...

EXPERIENCE a NEW level of being, mastery, success & abundance?

RELEASE the struggle, the hardship & the hustle...

 OPEN your intuition in a deeper way (so you make better & faster choices)

SHIFT-UP your VIBE and become empowered in your emotional & mental state?

Rewire & Re-pattern your mind & learn the neuroscience of success?

Get out of your own way and clear the pathway for your brilliance to shine?

AND learn how to MANIFEST & CREATE the life and business you desire? 

Join a small group of artists, healers, and heart-centered individuals on their journey to entrepreneurship. (0pen to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world through sharing their natural gifts or products.)


Which means it's perfect if... 

  1. You are just starting or thinking about starting a business, OR
  2. You are switching gears and starting something NEW more aligned with your creative gifts, OR 
  3. If you have already "started" a business, or have had a business for a while, but you find yourself spinning your wheels, and not really experiencing the financial success you desire.

Unlike many other Business Courses in which you are pummeled with information for 6 weeks and then left to figure it out on your own, we are designing this course to take you by the hand, and slowly and gently guide you through each of the steps and processes in establishing a successful business over the period of a year. 

We use state-of-the-art, brain-science technology to move you forward and build fun accountability through our productivity playground, re-wiring your brain & playing your way to success!

This way you will have the time to:

  • Assimilate the information
  • Integrate the knowledge
  • Take action
  • See Results!


  • Discover your Brilliant Business Idea to make money doing what you love with intuition and creativity.
  • Create social impact with your business idea because it's built into the plan. 
  • Design a consistent and sustainable source of income. 
  • Establish a prosperity mindset that weathers set-backs and overwhelming situations.
  • Release negative belief patterns that hold you back from showing up as your best self. 
  • Feel great about offering your idea through Enlightened Invitations. 
  • Feel the support & accountability from your Intuitive Business manifestation team to help you effectively implement what you learn. 

A Proven Approach

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can be guided and supported every step of the way!


Action starts with the right mindset. We help you re-wire limiting beliefs that hold you back. We constantly help you identify and address limiting mindsets and provide tools to help you transform them so you can be clear, confident & courageous!

Business Strategy

Without sound strategy you can be spinning your wheels for years. We will provide the step-by-step strategy and business tools to ensure your success! We provide the structure, give you the tools, worksheets & templates. 


We would not be complete if we didn't continue to help you tap into your intuitive abilities so that all your decisions and actions are aligned with your values, your beliefs and your intuitive guidance. 

Do you feel...

  • You are ON THE VERGE OF BIRTHING something new, (and maybe big), but you are UNCLEAR about what that is?
  • FEARFUL about the uncertainty of the future...
  • OVERWHELMED by the tasks, people & things that you need to do? (or you don't know how to do them...)
  • And HOW TO MAKE MONEY doing what you love?
  • THE IDEA OF "SELLING" is terrifying.  
  • Like you need to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY so your BRILLIANCE will emerge?

Who is this for?

    • YOU!  This course is specifically for you, Heart-Centered Explorers, who are on the edge of the next BIG thing for your life, but can’t seem to quite reach it. 
    • You are a Seeker open to learn how to make life FLOW EASIER and with more GRACE and ABUNDANCE.
    • Closet artists, creative seekers, spiritual entrepreneurs and those who long to awaken a deeper, more purposeful &  more creative side to themselves. 
    • You want to UNLOCK THE POWER of your creativity and get in the flow. 
    • You want to MAKE CLEAR & FAST DECISIONS, and TRUST yourself and your intuition. 
    • You want to Break through internal-barriers to experience yourself in a new way!
    • You CRAVE MORE FUN, EASE & JOY in how you run your business and live your life!


  • This is an online course with DEEP PERSONAL SUPPORT. It will start Early May.
  • This is a 12-month interactive, hands-on course, where we will meet twice each month, so you have time to implement what you learn.
  • We will deliver lessons live, so you can ask questions and work through challenges. 
  • This is a system that allows you to take action on what you are learning in the way that feels most aligned to you, so you can experience success. 
  • Access to a Community of other artists, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs expanding like you!
  • Support & Accountability every step of the way!
  • Access to resources to grow your business & teach you how to use them. 
  • All calls will be recorded so you can access and review at a later time in a closed membership community. 

Here's what some of our clients have said about our work...

  • Luminescent Life/ Intuitive Business Mastery

    “ I literally went from zero to multiple 6-figures in a little over a year! I've had so much fun, while creating a business that replaced my corporate income.
    Elena has the knowledge to take you by the hand and help you discern exactly what you need to do to be successful in business.
    I took a huge leap of faith and within 90 days I got my first contract and I haven't looked back.
    I no longer obsess about the right decisions and I've raised my fees 3 times over and I have now hired people to work for me!”

    Regulatory Affairs Consultant

  • Luminescent Life/ Intuitive Business Mastery

    “Dr. Elena is masterful at being able to help people move past the boundaries of their work and expression, and open eyes to a whole new level of opportunity and self-expression. Not only in a creative and fulfilling way, but also opening up to additional streams of revenue, abundance and expression. I am thankful for her creative genius, ability to help me see beyond my self-imposed limitations, and opening me to new possibilities! Thank you for all of who and what you are!”

    Sound Healer

  • Luminescent Life/ Intuitive Business Mastery

    “Elena Estanol uses her intuition to drill down to the heart of any struggle. She has this remarkable ability to untangle webs of confusion and inject wisdom, love, and truth. She's a wholehearted, dedicated, and passionate coach and mentor. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her practical suggestions pack a punch, and her energetic ripple is powerful. Elena is a savvy business builder, having grown her own heart-centered practice to employ several like-minded practitioners. She recognizes what it takes to stay true to yourself and at the same time become successful doing the work you're meant to do in the world. She's got an uncanny ability to see people's strengths and build upon them with a remarkable blend of practicality and magic."”

    Career and Job Search Coach

  • Luminescent Life/ Intuitive Business Mastery

    “Before working with Jean Berry and using the Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies game, I lost days of productivity and focus that spanned into weeks and then months. I had a hard time getting stuff done and was always working into the night and on weekends. NOW I take off Fridays, rarely work evenings, and have more time with my family and things I REALLY want to do, all while maintaining and growing my sales volume!"”

    Webpages That Sell

Investment Options

Get the tools to help you SUCCESSFULLY do what you love in a PROFITABLE fashion!

We will teach you, and hold your hand as you learn and implement how to create a PROFITABLE source of income, so that you can become independent and financially free!

Most popular

Early Bird


per month (available until April 15th)

12-Month Program

Twice a Month Training

Group Coaching

4 Creative Business Expansion Calls

Step-by-Step Guidance & Support

Handouts, Worksheets & Templates

Community & Accountability

Introductory Investment


per month

 12-Month Program

Twice a Month Training

Group Coaching

4 Creative Business Expansion Calls

Step-by-Step Guidance & Support

Handouts, Worksheets & Templates

Community & Accountability


The Investment

You have likely spent thousands of dollars in a college education getting the tools, and education you needed to learn "your craft". Whether it is counseling, teaching, healing, painting, art, ceramics, name it. You have spent a significant amount of time and money in learning to hone your skills. 

And our guess, is that like us, that fancy education and college diploma taught you NOTHING about HOW to MAKE MONEY, BUILD A BUSINESS, or LEVERAGE those talents into SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE!

Dr. Elena spent 17 years in getting college degrees but none of those prepared her to run a business. 

This course will be the "CROWNING VICTORY" for you. Whether you are a RECENT GRAD, OR School is long forgotten, we will give you the practical KNOW-HOW, Tools, and Support you need to actually turn ALL that KNOWLEDGE into GOLD!

In the grand scheme of things, this course is a BARGAIN compared to all the money you just spent in your college degree, as it will give you AT LEAST 3 TIMES your investment back AND the FREEDOM to know you ALWAYS know how to generate a profit. 


Extra Bonus! ($1997 Value)

When you register for this powerful course, you will get a ticket to our next 3-day Live Retreat!

This is a POWERFUL & INTIMATE 3-day event that is packed with Transformational experiences, exercises, connection, community & the opportunity to experience yourself in a whole NEW way!

Our last retreat was absolutely MAGICAL and we anticipate our next one to be even better!

Meet Your Truth Guides

Elena & Jean are experts at helping businesses thrive with fun & ease!

They have an established track record from launching new businesses, to replacing 6-Figure incomes, to doubling and tripling incomes of established businesses.

Their combined years of business experience and mentoring has seen them working with beginning entrepreneurs to 8-Figure business owners. 

Jean Berry

Jean is a game development expert, artist, healer & intuitive business coach who loves to support people in stepping into their greater visions of themselves and helping them create businesses that revolve around fun and playing games!

She is an accomplished creative entrepreneur, international speaker, intuitive artist and spiritual guide who teaches heart-centered business owners how to align their businesses spiritually for success. Her unique blend of creativity, accounting training, fine arts training, Certified Excellence Life Systems Coaching, certification in 5 different energy healing and movement systems,  makes her uniquely qualified to gamify business processes that work, bring ease, and create profit!

Yes, it is possible to have a business where you play, have fun and make money! 

Elena & Jean 2

Dr. Elena Estanol

Elena is an artist, high performance psychologist, healer & intuitive business mentor who loves to empower people to break through their perceived "glass ceilings" and become extraordinary leaders in their business and their life!

Dr. Estanol is an international best-selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, teacher, and artist, who weaves intuition, creativity & play into all that she does and empowers her clients to connect back to their true selves so they can truly defy the ordinary and become extraordinary!

As a high performance psychologist she has worked with elite athletes of all ages, CEO's, speakers, entrepreneurs, and high-stakes performers to bring more ease, joy, and flow to what they do. 

Ultimately, Dr. Elena loves helping people awaken to their Divine purpose and empower them to express it through playful & profitable businesses and become LEADERS in their own life. 

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  • Are you ready to.. impact the world with your gifts?
  • to make money from your passions?
  • You are READY TO LET GO OF OLD BELIEFS & PATTERNS That NO longer serve you. 
  • You already MANIFESTED US in your energetic field. 
  • YEP! Something in your spirit and energy field found your way to US, and this amazing opportunity. 
  • If you KNOW you have a BIGGER purpose, you know you have a GREATER destiny, and you know that the life you are living is NOT where you want to stay at...then this is your best chance!
  • All you need to do, is to TRUST your heart, (even if your head is scared), and to say YES to you. 

When you say "YES" the Universe will begin supporting you,  and things will come together, even if you don't yet know how.  


Our registration period will be closing soon, as we will be starting the course next week!  We can't wait to welcome you!









The sooner you join us, the FASTER you can get started!

As soon as you join, you will get access to INTRODUCTORY MATERIALS, resources on intuition, mindset and business strategy and a targeted READING LIST so you can start your journey towards success!

Students that get started with these materials will have a jumpstart as they will have some time to process, digest and get immersed in the process with this introductory materials.

So don't delay and sign up today!

Space is Very Limited!

Oh yeah! We forgot to say that space is very limited. We want to create a beautiful and intimate experience for you, where we can mentor you and support you the way you need. 

We want to be sure we can give you the individualized attention you deserve so that you don't feel left behind or hide behind a crowd. We are committed to your success. 

Space will fill in a first-come, first-serve basis. If you KNOW this is something you OUGHT to do, then reach out, let's find a way to make it happen and secure your spot! 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

When Does This Course "OFFICIALLY" Start?

We will start meeting on May 9th.  However we encourage people to register early, because we have limited seats, AND because there are some PRE-COURSE resources that you may want to have time to access, and books to order, etc. 

Will it "INTERFERE" with my current job?

Our goal is to SUPPORT you in creating more freedom and autonomy in your life. We will in the evenings 5:00pm MDT, or Sat Mornings. 

We will also record them in case you cannot attend. We support you continuing with your job until you are ready to "leap". No pressure, no judgment, just support. 

How will Course be Delivered? Do I need to be in Colorado?

You don't need to be in Colorado! You can be anywhere in the world! We will meet via video conference. All you need is high-speed internet and a computer with an integrated camera. 

Will you run this course again next year?

While we'd love to say yes, the truth is that we have NO IDEA! The "spark" for this course was a group of students that indicated they wanted and needed this and committed to it, WAY before it was created. So this MAY BE THE ONLY TIME we do it. We just don't know. (We want to be honest and transparent.)

Do you have other questions? Just email us at: